Excitement hangs in the balance combined with allot of stress as your Big day approaches...

Being organised and choosing suppliers can be a very stressful exersize especially if you chose to do everything yourself...

Here are some tips to help you alleviate the stress as you are counting off the days to your Big Day.

Its not only important that you focus on everything leading up to your Wedding day but also the Day itself.

At the top of my list and no 1 is to

1. Get yourself organised

Create checklists for everything you need to do, from packing your bags up to the fairy lights that needs to be hanged.

You will not have time on your wedding day to prance around looking for things, make sure you have everything in order the previous day and double check your check lists at the same time. If you have to give the responsibility to a bridesmaid that you know is well organised and you can be sure she will not miss a thing.

2. Do not try and DIY everything on your wedding day

Once your day has arrived you have to let go of all responsibilities... i know for some of you this is the most difficult thing ever. There is just not enough time on your special day to spend running around and trying to fix whatever go wrong, you have done all you can and nobody will even notice.

Ask your mother or mother in law to stand in for you on the day to manage anything that could pop up.

3. Choose your suppliers carefully

I cannot put enough emphasis on this point! Vet your vendors, make sure to check portfolios and especially reviews from previous clients, the longer they have been in the industry the better chance you have of not getting ripped off and your money stolen. Unfortunately in this day and age people get conned out of deposits left and right, make sure it does not happen to you!

4. You should sleep over at the wedding venue the night before your wedding

Trust me you will thank me afterwards especially if you are your own wedding planner! This will give you the opportunity to fine tune anything necessary at your venue and alleviate your stress on your wedding day.

On your big day you can wake up relaxed knowing that you are at your venue. Have a relaxing breakfast, take a long bubble bath, hang your wedding gown, shoes and all your accessories ready for the photographer when she/he arrives.

Relax whilst waiting for the rest of your suppliers to arrive so that your makeup and hair can be done and nothing is rushed.

5. Choose carefully who you want to spend your Wedding day with

I cannot stress this enough! Remember that personalities influence the emotion and feeling that you will have on your day. Not only should it count for Bridesmaids but also for your suppliers. You want to surround yourself with people who is positive, creative, problem solving, relaxed and enhances the atmosphere in your Bridal suite.

6. Never be Fashionably late

As i am writing this blog i am realising that every point i am making is of equal impotence.

Being 15 - 20 min late on your Wedding day is acceptable, taking more time than that influences your whole day! Just to give you an example... your schedule have been worked out in such a way that your couples photos takes place at the golden hour which for us as photographers is the best lighting one could possibly get. Your couples shoot is scheduled for 16:30 - 17:30, you are one hour late, your whole schedule moves on by one one hour and not only is your guests irritated you have ruined your couples shoot. Also keep in mind that your suppliers like your makeup artists and stylists also work on a schedule and if you are late their whole schedule for the day is ruined.

7. The only thing you have left is your wedding photo's

Make sure firstly not to be fashionably late then... don't rush your photos, after all the fuss is over your photos will be the only memories you will have...

Plan for a half an hour photo shoot while getting dressed and taking a few portraits of the important things like makeup, hair, details and bridesmaids. Secondly plan for at least 1.5 h for your couples shoot, if you are done in less time, take a breather, look your new hubby in the eyeballs and take it all in... Your day will be hectic and every chance you get to take a little break will help you to re-energise.

8. Don't be a Bridezilla

Everyone knows that this is your day, its not unnecessary to point it out every two seconds, appreciate everything that your family, bridesmaids and groomsmen have done and are doing for you. Your attitude on the day determines the mood and atmosphere everyone around you will feel and experience... Don't make them wish that they were not a part of your special day.

9. Make sure that your schedule is carefully planned

Don't be one of those who says rather late than never...

Put sufficient effort, planning and research into your schedule. If you are unsure ask your suppliers, rather give more time and be ahead of schedule than being 1 - 2 hours late.

I know its your day... but remember people get agitated and irritated if things run late and especially if there is no structure or routine, your first priority is your guests after all.

10. Make sure your bridal party knows or has the full schedule

There is nothing worse than being a Bridesmaid or groomsmen and you don't know whats going on or where you need to be and running around like a headless chicken. Make sure that the bridal party has a schedule and know where to be at any given time. Your photographer will not be delighted to wait half an hour for a missing bridesmaid or groomsmen when taking photos. As your day is so rushed make sure that everybody knows where they should be at what time.

This is me for today and i hope that my blog has shon a little light on what is important on your special day! Conradulations and happy planning.

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